Saturday, October 12, 2013

Small Update

These last few months have been a big blur...
but we are getting so close to the finish line!!

However, we still have a great deal of funds to raise. 
It seems we will be on top of the world one week and
then back in the gutter the next...

We "thought" for a while that we were indeed fully funded. 
But that is not the case. We are still lacking roughly 
$4,480 to be fully funded. 

We also found out last week that my husbands
work place will in all actuality NOT be 
offering any type of paid leave...
which means we now have to worry about 
loss income as well as finding the rest
to bring home our precious boys. 

But since the boys are, obviously, more important
THEY are who we choose to focus on
first and foremost in terms of fundraising. 

I wanted to share our needs so that you can 
pray appropriately. Money is such a huge
factor in adoption and it is looking like 
we will be fundraising till the very end. 

But that's okay!! 

God is good; ALWAYS!
We have no doubts that He will provide. 

Once we receive a travel date (hopefully in 2-3 weeks)
we will be officially announcing who our second 
little one is and he will be added to our fsp. 

Keep praying church!

We are in constant awe of His glory...

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