Saturday, October 19, 2013


My mind is on overload...

aside from being completely and totally jumbled 
with lists for travel preparations and documents to 
get done and notarized there is still the issue 
of lacking about 4k to complete this adoption. 

I'm not distraught; I have faith....
He WILL provide every last cent. 

But the stress of what we are about to take
on has seemed to really hit in the last few weeks.

This is REAL; we should have a travel date 
in a few weeks!! 

Excited does not even begin to describe 
how truly joyous we are. 

As soon as we get a date we are going to be able to 
share our other precious lovie with you all. 

But in the mean time the to do list continues
to grow and so does our need for prayer! 

We love and appreciate you all!! 

I am sorry this was not much of an update...
but we are still just waiting....


  1. Praying for your family and the remaining funds to come in! A dear friend told me the other day, " Just give it all up to Him and He WILL take care of it!!!!". :-) Keep moving forward!

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