Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Waiting is so hard...

Waiting for our DAP appointment date...

Waiting to be able to book plane tickets....

Waiting till we get there....

And waiting to FINALLY hold 
our babies in our arms and tell them 
that they are ours forever....

It almost feels like a distant dream that I 
just can't quite wrap my head around as reality.

But in all of this God has also granted peace. 

I know that we will get to our boys country EXACTLY 
when the good Lord intends and not a moment sooner. 
"My" wants are insignificant and unimportant...
And although I have to remind myself of it often 
I also know it to be true...

Please pray that all the upheaval in our boys country settles soon.

Please pray that the rest of their ransom comes pouring in.

And please pray for this Mama's patience 
and understanding as we endure the wait. 

And please pray that my sweet Angel Tree baby, Kanani
touches many hearts as I begin to advocate heavily for
her in the coming weeks....

Love you all! 

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