Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Wait

It's out my hands...

Our LAST paper baby is in route and will be hand carried to Ukraine on Monday. 

It has been a long and tedious road and I know the paper
trail will only continue once we are in country but at that point I think 
I will be so grateful to be there that I won't mind a bit!

Please pray for submittal this upcoming week!

I am truly not sure if I can emotionally handle any more delays; 
and yet....I have come to expect them. 

God has been so FAITHFUL to us on this journey...

We truly trust in His timing. 

Another prayer was answered this week as well. We have
made a decision in regards to getting a second child! 

We DO have a specific child in mind that we plan to
get a second referral for. However, this childs needs 
are great and we feel as though we need to see 
both of them ( this child and Aiden)
together before we make a final decision. 

I will not be sharing who this other child is 
because we will not be committing
 to him via RR ( yes, it's a boy...but that's
 all I am willing to say at this point ) 
simply because I could not handle having 
to release another child...
so we are trusting in the Lord 
and have faith that He will guide 
us in making the ultimate decision once
we are in country. 

IF this other child does not work out then we
believe we will come home with just Aiden.
So prayers are SO very much appreciated!!!
We desperately want it to work out. 

That being said...we are taking things one day at a time...
 and praying like crazy that the 12 week gap
between being submitted and DAP appointments 
narrows a bit and we can get them (yes, I say "them"...
trying to be positive!!) home before Christmas!!

I know being home by Christmas would be a miracle...
but I know that our God is so very capable!! 

In Him, 

The Killens


  1. How exciting! I have enjoyed reading about your journey and believe you will know what to do when the time comes to make a decision about the second child. I am praying for you all.

  2. Praying for you all.

    God bless you