Thursday, September 5, 2013


I meant to write a blog the moment it happened...

I wanted to shout from the rooftops and embrace every donor 
in a blanket of thanks and gratitude....

But the words just escaped me....
honestly, I think they still do. 

No matter how I weave my sentences together there
simply isn't an ensemble of wording that seems to 
"fit" how amazingly humbled, grateful, and in awe we are.

We always had faith. 
We always knew that somehow the 
money for Aidens ransom would show up....

But as the months ticked by and we got closer to it 
being REAL....the devil started to squeeze doubt through 
the cracks in our faith. Cracks that we didn't realize were there. 
We had had more delays with being submitted and
the money just wasn't showing up...
Hopelessness started to take hold...
Can I just say....God knows your every fear, 
heartache, and need. The night before we
had decided that everything in relation to this
adoption was 100% out of our hands (we have often 
had to recommit this promise to Him. 
Its hard to give up control to something so dear to your heart)...
sure, we could fund raise and pray but the ultimate end result 
was up to our Father in heaven. 
I don't know who donated the money...
But whoever you are...your kindness, generosity, and faith 
is allowing there to be one less orphan in this world. 
God Bless you!!!

NEVER lose faith!
We are grateful to everyone who has given to Aiden...
whether you gave $5 or $10,000 every cent is moving mountains!!
It is with great pleasure I can say that Aiden is...

Just typing those words brings tears to my eyes. 
Our boy is coming home!! 
We still have $6,000 to raise in order to bring home a second
little blessing....but God is good and we 
don't doubt in His provisions. 
Throughout this process people 
would always say, " Oh, its so great you 
are adopting but how are you paying for it?"

I wish I had a picture of every face after
our response was always, " We aren't paying
for it...God is."
That look of "Oh dear, they have lost their minds..."
But His promise is TRUE....
He will come through...ALWAYS!!!
Hang in there darling boy!!
Mama and Daddy are coming!!!

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