Friday, September 20, 2013


We are SUBMITTED!!! 

Our dossier was finally submitted 9/19/2013

Praise the Lord!! We thought the day would never come...

So, if we follow suit with other families who are getting their
DAP appointments it will be approximately 6-7 weeks before we
are told what our travel date is and then another 3-4 weeks before 
we actually travel. Which puts our first trip at the tail end of November 
or early December!!! Can we say COLD?! Honestly though,
 I think we will just be so happy to be there that the 
weather won't matter a bit!

So now the preparations begin....
 We are being flooded with packing list ideas, documents to get done, 
a scrapbook to make, new unmarked bills to track down, 
child care arrangements to get squared away,
winter clothing to purchase (because lets face it; "real" winter 
attire is just not needed in the south...EVER!), fundraising
loss of income and the last remaining bit in our fsp, not 
to mention finishing the boys room and getting 
everything in the house in order! 
( plus a plethora of other things! )

PHEW! I am exhausted just thinking about it. 
But I am thankful that we will be kept busy; I 
am already having a hard time waiting 
and it has only been a day! 

Your continued prayers are always appreciated!! 
  We still have a long road ahead....


The Killens

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  1. How exciting! I pray that you are able to think clearly during this time and get tasks done efficiently!