Saturday, August 31, 2013

He waits...

Aidens room is ready....

His bed is neatly made, his shoes are perfectly lined up in his closet, his 
clothes are clean and folded in their drawers and pictures of his 
family are hung sporadically throughout the room...

His braille books are alphabetized and lined up on his shelf...


Our dossier is due to be submitted this upcoming week...
and while the prospect of that thrills me beyond all 
reasonable belief; it also scares me beyond comprehension. 

We have been working consistently for the last year to
raise our sons ransom....we have done every
fundraiser imaginable (no exaggeration)...
many of them more than once. 

But despite the fact that we are still desperatly short 
on funding...I know that one thing is 
certain and never changing....

His grace, His love, and His mercy

I know that our God already has Aidens "after" picture 
hanging on His wall...he has gone before us and paved the way...
I know that our God can take this...
a lost, scared, abused, and neglected little boy...

And this....

so clearly malnourished and living a dark lonely world

And TRANSFORM him into the valued child of God that He 
was meant to be...the beautiful little boy that
has always been infinitley loved by our Father in heaven
...that he may now be just as loved 
by his earthly Mother and Father.

He so desperatly needs out!

I can't bare the thought that money is the only thing 
that could potentially keep us from bringing him home. 

Never in our lives have we prayed more 
for an "earthly" possession... but we know
it will lead to FOREVER with Aiden. 

We have been blessed enough to have raised roughly 
$12,000 for Aiden so far...

But we still need to cover flights, court expenses, facilitator fees...

We STILL need about $13,000 more in order to be fully funded.

If you could please prayerfully consider donating to our darling boys
fund we would be eternally grateful!! 

We are genuinely running out of options and the clock is ticking. 

Please; so the world may be minus one more orphan...

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