Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Will the waiting ever end??

I know it will.

I have faith that it will.

I know we will get to our boys soon....but its still SO hard to wait!!! I feel like an impatient teenager waiting for her first date or a three year old waiting for Christmas morning...

I imagine meeting the boys for the first time and I will go over the potential motions in my head over and over again. Despite legalities, they are our SONS...they have our hearts and we love them immeasurably.

I received new pictures today. I have probably looked at each one a thousand times already.

They have grown!!!

And I know it sounds selfish; but my first thought was..." They have grown so much...and I have missed it!" It kills me that I haven't been with them to watch them grow...cheering them on in their successes, holding them when they are upset, loving them, and praying with them.

It's illogical to feel that way, I know.

But I do.

I know Gods timing is perfect and he has reason for EVERYTHING. And I know that they will come home exactly when God intends. But as their Mother it is still hard to miss out on those moments....moments that can never be gotten back.

We are working SO hard to get to them. Some days I feel like all I do is work towards getting them home...

But until then.....

They grow....

And they wait.

I am grateful that they appear to be doing fairly well. Nash is all smiles and Aiden seems to be alright. I admit I worry most about our Aiden. He is so sensitive and out of touch with his surroundings...

I was told he was stimming (self stimulatory behavior) constantly when these pictures were taken; poor darling was just so overwhelmed by the commotion. 

Nash, however, is doing fabulous. We are so proud of our little boy! He has such a kind spirit and can absolutely light up a room with that fabulous smile!
You will notice I am using his reeces name; I think we are going to call him by his REAL name unless HE tells us otherwise. We don't want to overwhelm our darling too much with a new confusing name.

I was very happy to see Aiden smile a little at least! Our darling boy has so much potential and I cannot wait to see God peel back all his layers so Aiden can truly be Aiden....the marvelous, spectacular, sweet little boy that he was created to be! 

It's hard to believe that nearly a year ago God called us to adopt this precious little boy...

He called us through a small picture...

We knew nothing about him. We had no idea how significant his needs were.

But we loved him instantly....and we knew without a doubt that God had forged our path.

I am HONORED that we get to be parents to these two marvelous little boys.

We can't wait!


  1. Judy's reminder if it was accidental, you might want to take his name out, :)

    1. Opps. Stupid autocorrect. Just not Judy's!

  2. Fixed it!! Didn't even think about that.

  3. Sarah, thank you for your comment on my blog. It is very comforting and I appreciate you sharing. Your family is on my radar. I will pray for God's will in your adoption. Blessings.

    1. and I realize your name is not Sarah. Sorry Katherine, brain is not working.