Friday, May 10, 2013

Set Back

As you all probably already know; we have had a setback.

Our USCIS paperwork is lost...where? NO idea....the post office couldn't even track it via our receipt. So, I cancelled the check and we are resubmitting this upcoming week.

No matter how hard I try to grasp at some hope that it will all come is truly just lost and I can't waste any more valuable time praying that it magically shows up. Our boys NEED to get home...we NEED them home....and time is truly of the essence for them both.

I am grateful that we could get our money back, that the check did not fall into the wrong hands, and that we can resubmit. It might mean asking our social worker for another home study copy though...which, I hate to do because he has already been more than generous in helping us out.

The road is long...


and it makes me angry sometimes because ALL I want to do is get on that plane and bring them home....

Even though I am frustrated, angry, and have shed more tears than I can count today... I know God has a plan and I know that he will see us through!  We will make step at a time...

On a happy note tomorrow is Pipers birthday party!! I have spent the night hanging streamers, purchasing food, wrapping gifts, and cleaning. My, how time has FLOWN. I truly cannot believe my baby is TWO!!!! I treasure each and every moment....

Our sweet, spunky, hard headed, kind hearted, beautiful, funny little angel...we love you!


  1. Perhaps Jesus is sending u a message? U should listen 2 The Lord!!!

  2. I just wish I knew what that message was?! I think if anything it is just to persevere through all our trials...knowing that they are worth it is enough and we truly know that God has his hand on every detail.