Friday, April 5, 2013


I have spent most of the day researching. To me, committing to a child means that you accept EVERY aspect of them....including their medical problems and mental delays. There is nothing that we could find out about our boys that would deter us from adopting them...absolutely nothing. We are committed.

But we also have to be smart.

We want to know every possible form of treatment out there. We want our boys to receive the best medical care and be given every opportunity to succeed. I researched Aidens diagnoses so much that I could probably give a detailed account what his treatment will likely entail once he is home.

BUT I haven't done extensive research on Gideons diagnoses. It is apparent from looking at pictures and video of him that he 100% has hydrocephaly and obvious nerve damage ( his little hands shake ). We aren't sure if he has ever had a shunt....if he has not then it is truly a miracle that he is still alive!!

We know our boys are going to be starting from the ground up.

They don't know English (Aiden doesn't speak at all)

They can't read

Don't know their colors

Every concept will be new and scary to them

They have never been allowed to choose things for themselves

They don't know because they have never been taught. Institutionalized children are not given the opportunity to learn and grow. They are deemed incapable of intelligence and so they don't "waste" time or money to try and teach them anything.

They will live and die in an institution so giving them any kind of education is viewed as pointless.

Well boys, WATCH out......your Mama and Daddy are not going to let that happen!

Please keep our boys in your prayers.

We don't know what the future will hold for them from a medical standpoint but we have faith and hope that they are going to do wonderfully!!

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


  1. God bless you and congratulations on committing to your sons!

    I wanted to ask you -- I know that you have advocated on Darren's behalf before. Would you be willing to post about a matching grant that Darren has for RR donations, for any amount up to $2000, through 4/13? You can read about it here: When his RR account reads $3,837, he will get the full $2,000.



    1. I absolutely will!!! I saw on facebook that yall were asking for people to blog for him and I had already decided I was going to!! I love Darren so much and I pray that his Mommy and Daddy find him soon!!! I will do a blog post for him tomorrow!!! :)