Monday, April 8, 2013

Yellin for Darren


I just can't stop shouting for this sweet little angel!!!

A precious little boy named Darren lives in an institution in Eastern Europe. He has a contagious smile and merely looking at his picture is enough to melt your heart.

But Darren's Mommy and Daddy have not found him yet!!

My heart aches at the thought of this precious boy spending the rest of his life in a crib.

NO child deserves that fate...

From a family who met him in late 2012:

"He is gentle with others.  When he is upset or overwhelmed, he often does ‘self-stim’ movements such as hand writhing or vocalizations.  He listens and follows very basic directions from his caregivers.  I have also observed him to be content to sit still and people watch as well as engage in quiet, exploratory play on their small jungle gym.  He walks with just a little bit of help. 

I have noted a developmental delay in all areas which is a natural occurrence with a child who has either congenital or environmental trauma to his central nervous system and has been institutionalized.

Darren is affectionate.  He would love to have a mother and a father.  I’m sure he would also adore any siblings from what I saw of his interaction with others in his room."

But God has NOT forgotten about Darren....I believe with ALL my heart that his Mommy and Daddy will get to him in time!!

Darren has a MATCHING GRANT OF $2000 going until 4/13/2013....PLEASE donate to Darrens fsp and help him reach this goal.

Every $ will help his future family bring him home!!

 Are you Darrens Mommy????

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