Thursday, April 4, 2013


This time last year we lost our third child to a miscarriage and I NEVER would have imagined that God would have started us on such a phenomenal journey only a few months later. I still look back on what we have accomplished so far... just paper chasing and praying and I am just in absolute awe at the hearts he has changed and how he has molded me into a better Christian, wife and mother.

We are about to be a family of SIX!! I can hardly believe it.

We know that every aspect of our lives is about to change. It will take a lot of hard work, patience, and it will mean extending ourselves in ways we didn't know were possible.

But God has given us peace.

We know what the outward stereo-type is....and that we are often called "crazy" or "out of our minds"....but we are okay with that.

We are truly honored that God has intrusted us with this calling.

I wanted to share a video of our oldest son Gideon ( Nash on Reeces ). He is the sweetheart in the green shirt!!

God Bless,

The Killens


  1. congrats! Just seeing the other children makes me so sad. They are so thin and some who can't move just lay. I pray these children find homes.