Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Movin on Up!!

We are moving up!!! Up the ranks on Reeces Rainbow anyways....

We are officially in the "compiling dossier" section! Praise God for progress!!!

We have a few more documents that we need to get in and then, God willing, we should be submitting for USCIS approval with the next week or two!!! We are also working diligently to get all our dossier paperwork compiled so that we will be ready once we are USCIS approved.

Right now the only thing that threatens to slow us down is hubbys darn passport that seems to be taking FOREVER to get here!!

My head spins...

Between all the paperwork, trips back and forth getting everything notarized, fundraisers that seem to be piling on top of me, all of Zoe's activities, and still finding time to focus on my husband and kids....it often seems impossible to keep track. I am not by nature an organized individual so this has all been a HUGE challenge for me. I have had many a document ripped or colored on by the girls due to my lack of proper organization skills; but God is good and he is slowly showing me how to stay on top of things!

ASIDE from all that is listed above we still have to work out travel logistics, preparing Aidens room, and figuring out where on earth God wants all this money to come from!! I am still very much in the belief that God WILL provide....he WILL show us a way and funding wont be a problem...

But some days I really wonder how in the world it will all come together. I know it's Satan trying to take hold and put doubt in my heart...so I try to be positive and uplifting about the money situation but it still weighs heavily on our shoulders. We have had SO many wonderful people offer to help and we know that they are all signs from God that it IS possible!

Right now; if we can stay on track....then we will be set to travel at some point in July.

Trying not to panic....

But pushing the panic and worry about money aside; we are just SO very happy and excited to meet our incredible little boy!!! We are ready for him to come home!!!

Some nights I will go downstairs and sit in his room.

I imagine the sweet little angel that will soon be sleeping in his own bed, in his own house, with his own family who loves him immeasurably. I pray for him and kiss him goodnight through prayer; I pray God somehow whispers peace to his heart...so that he may know we are coming for him!!

I pray for understanding from all our friends and family.

Change can be hard.

Raising Aiden will be hard....but we will all be BEYOND blessed by this sweet boy.

God is preparing my heart for the journey ahead.....

We are just so ready!!!

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