Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I journal on a daily basis. It is my way of reflecting on the day and remembering what God has taught me each and everyday of my life.

This morning I was having my usual devotion and I was reflecting back on past entries and I came across one that I wanted to share.

" and all of a sudden I am made aware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory...and I realize just how beautiful you are..."

This song is stuck in my head today. As I sit writing this my sweet oldest daughter sleeps on my shoulder and I find myself thanking him for all life's treasures....they are safe and warm....loved and secure. I can't help but think of our oldest son far far away scared and alone...he has no concept of love or family. It breaks my heart. But God sees his infinite value and so we do too...I hear at least once a week that we are crazy and out of our minds for adopting a special needs child; but I think "crazy" is leaving him where he is....I think "crazy" is ignoring the situation and turning the other cheek. It is "crazy" not to save him when we have every ability to do so . 

Today...I am proud to be a little crazy...

God is amazing; on a day when I am feeling doubtful and stressed from outside sources telling that we shouldn't be taking this on...God throws my own words right back at me. He is sovereign and gives so much hope and security just when it is needed. We have been struggling with another decision lately as well and this leaves me resting assured that God has it ALL under control. 

So blessed.....

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