Thursday, March 21, 2013


I am frustrated


and a little angry....

So I am just going to rant about it a little.

Its NO ones fault really....we are just having a really hard time getting all our paperwork done and getting it done CORRECTLY! We were so praying that we could submit for USCIS approval this upcoming week, but it is looking like that is not going to be the case.

Asa's work is giving us the hardest time imaginable with this employment letter. This Momma is about to get the paperwork in hand herself and march down to the main office and demand someone get it done and get it done RIGHT! My sons quality of life hangs in the balance and I don't appreciate unnecessary delays or people unwilling to do their JOB.

We have also had our mortgage and proof of home ownerships letters done this week and, of course, they were not done correctly so we have to go get them redone yet again. Don't get me wrong; I am SO grateful and praise God that we have people who are reviewing our documents for accuracy before we send them...but it is still frustrating when the bank gets it wrong time after time.

Asa's passport is also causing delays because it isn't in yet!! I am getting very should be here by now!!

I need to tackle getting the doctors form done and a copy of his medical license but with everything going on it is just going to have to wait a bit. PLUS I have fundraisers to focus on because we still need to raise a LOT of money; but I know God will provide!

" Dear Lord, I need patience....I need calm....and I need understanding...."

I know that God will see this through; I KNOW he has a plan and I have to believe that there is a reason for each and every delay we encounter....

But I still just want my boy....

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  1. Hugs! Sorry your having a rough time!! Praying for you all and for Aiden.