Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Newest Angel

After many sleepless nights and long winded prayers.....God has shown us who He intends our little girl to be. She is a girl that I have seen for many years. I had passed over her profile on Reeces Rainbow countless times and never even given her a second thought. It wasn't that I didn't care or think she was precious....but her needs appeared to be far beyond our capabilities. However, a picture can be very deceiving....

This was her RR profile photo.


She is beautiful but appears to be completely bedridden. For this "assumed" fact we passed her by and would move on to another child. I feel terrible that I judged so harshly based on only one photo....

Last week, after having to release our other child, I was just trying to find a child that would "fit". But no matter which child I would try to force my heart just wasn't feeling right. If you have adopted before you know that feeling....that " YES, she is ours" kind of feeling. I remember when I saw our son, Aidan's, photo for the first time....I knew instantly that he was meant to be ours. There was no doubt. I know that likely sounds silly to some....but God can do that....God can literally turn your heart on it's ear for the right child.

Well, someone had posted a video of our girl. And before I even enlarged the image or turned the sound on...I knew that she was the one the Lord had set aside for our family. God took the little girl that I had looked at but never really seen and held her up in a new light.....

THIS is really how she is....spunky, joyful, determined, and never without that illuminating smile...

Oh how I love her.

I will admit....there are a lot of things about this adoption that make my heart leap and stomach churn (paperwork, home study, traveling, finding sitters etc....) but knowing which child the Lord intends for us to pursue is not one of them. She is an absolute gem!

She was born in 2007 and has cerebral palsy. 

She is a true treasure waiting to unfold....

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce that we are committed to "Waniya" on Reeces Rainbow....and, God willing, she will be home where she belongs soon!!

We would like to ask that you continue to keep our family and our children in your prayers....we know this is another big "upheaval" and it won't be easy to add another angel with significant needs. But God is so much greater than all our we are casting them aside and letting Him take the reigns. The biggest thing that we need is support, love, and understanding.

If you feel at all led we would like to ask that you prayerfully consider donating to helping us get our dear girl home....the financial burden is staggering. But we trust that the Lord will provide. Her ransom is great...but God is greater!!


  1. She is so sweet! I am so very happy for you guys. I am already looking forward to meeting her and hearing about her personality and likes/dislikes. She is going to fit right in. i can already picture her as part of your vlogs. And in my opinion, in the second picture she even looks a little like Aiden!

  2. Oooooh my gosh, I almost started bawling when I read this post! I have had 'Waniya' on my heart for such a long time, but am young, broke, and only just engaged. When I read that you and your family were committing to her, a wave of relief rushed at me. I know in my heart without ever even meeting her that she is meant to do great things, and I know you can help her reach her full potential. Congratulations on your commitment. I look forward to being able to follow your and her journey! Best wishes and hope for a speedy process.

  3. When our son was hurt playing sports, he was absolutely miserable in a wheelchair. It wasn't until he went to physical therapy that he began to change. The team at the doctor office treated him like a celebrity and he was eager to show them how strong he really was. He was back on his feet in half the time they thought it would take.

    Candace Hudson @ MedCare Pediatric

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