Saturday, November 9, 2013

We have a DATE!

After a year and two months of 
working through endless mounds 
of paperwork, brewing countless pots of coffee
late at night just so Mama can 
get ONE more document done before 
bed and waiting, waiting, and then waiting some more....

the day has FINALLY come!!! 

We have a travel date!!!!!!!!

It has been a few days since we got the news and
I can still hardly believe that it is real......

My darling sweet boys....

It's finally YOUR turn to have a happy ending beginning!!
We fly out on DECEMBER 1st at 1:50PM!!
Our DAP appointment is DECEMBER 3rd!!
I know you have NO idea of what is to come...or that this time next month
you will both have a Mom and Dad holding you close and
loving you beyond comprehension...

Your life of pain and neglect will be left behind
and you can start to heal in the arms of your FAMILY!! 
And for those who have not yet heard....
we can now announce our precious eldest son!

Meet: Matthew Ezekiel Killen 

He is 10 years old and has Cerebral Palsy...
and he is absolutely PERFECT! 

3 more weeks boys!!!....
Just 3 more weeks and your 
Mama and Papa are coming for you...



  1. Thank you for the update! Excited with you!

  2. Yay to God be the Glory! praying for a safe smooth trip. what sweet blessings