Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our house is wreck....

A constant state of chaos; and it has been this way for weeks! We have furniture that needs to be rearranged, boxes everywhere, toys covering nearly every square inch, and very....VERY limited space. I often wonder how on earth we will comfortably fit two more people in this house.

But while the chaos and mess drives me crazy...I also know how incredibly blessed we are to have all that we do. The "stuff" clutters my mind and makes me feel unorganized, dirty, and confused.

But the Lord fills my soul, puts me at ease, and lifts my burdens...THIS is what I choose to focus on.

I have been tackling all the household projects that I have been putting off; such as painting and putting curtains in the kitchen, moving furniture around to make more space, putting the boys bed together, organizing the girls closets, cleaning the baseboards, fans, and other often overlooked areas....

I want to make sure that once the boys are home I can focus on JUST the family for a few months without feeling the need to hop on a another project. I want to come home from Ukraine and feel at ease; like everything is done and all I need to worry about is getting our boys settled and our girl acclimated to our larger family.

Did I basically just say the same thing twice? Probably....but you get what I mean.

I am abundantly stressed but also abundantly I guess the two just even themselves out somehow. Don't get me wrong; it is definitely ALL worth while. There is nothing I would not do for our children.

Despite my moments of sporadic panic over lack of funds or mountains of unfinished paperwork....I am learning SO much through this adoption journey. God is molding me into a better wife, mother, and is giving me a servants heart...

And so I am grateful...

for it ALL!

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