Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Study Has Begun!!

We had our first home study interview yesterday!!!

I am FINALLY feeling like we are moving forward and making progress with getting Aiden home!

It went very well! The first meeting was basically just introductions and going over all our paperwork. We still have a few more things to gather...the main thing being passports! We plan to go get those tomorrow (though I think they take a while to come in).

Our social worker is hopeful that we can have everything complete by mid-Feb at the latest.

My BIGGEST concern at this point is raising the $8,000 needed for facilitator fees, document translation and general dossier costs. If I think too hard about it I almost enter panic mode...but then God brings me back to the truth...he CAN handle it. I have to have faith that God will provide every $ amount needed. But it still doesn't change the fact that it can get a little overwhelming at times.

This adoption process is also revealing a LOT! Especially true friends...people who I thought would the first to say "I am praying for you" and donate to Aiden have said and done nothing...and then people whom I least expected have come forward with kind words, prayers, and give what they can. It has been very eye opening. We have also been blessed with some new friends who have been AMAZINGLY supportive!! God never ceases to amaze me! We love and appreciate you ALL...please know how much pure support means to us.

PLEASE continue to keep Aiden and our family in your prayers!

Please donate to bringing Aiden home if you are able!!


  1. Aww, I saw this little sweetie's photo on and read more about him. Heartbreaking, but so glad he has a family coming for him now!!

  2. I want to tell you Gods timing is perfect. He loves the orphan. He will move mountains for the orphan. I've lived it. It's true! I remember days of being still and quiet before the Alford because if I wasn't my faith would waver. It was A LOT of money. But God owns it all. Please fill out the paperwork and start a grant with Stephen Curtis Chapmans Showhope. We almost didn't because we were told wed travel in 3-4 months. It took 2 years. We had plenty of time. It helped immensely.