Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gods Timing

Let me first say...Our God is spectacular. He is flawless in his timing and ALWAYS provides the mind set that is needed...

It is VERY true that we always knew we would day...

But that "one day" was YEARS down the road. I wanted to get my career going, have a bigger house, a more substantial income...the American dream right? Thankfully, God saw things VERY differently....

(Our former mind set.... )

We never really "wanted" a big family. It just wasn't for us...years tacked upon years of sticky floors, spilled milk, diapers, car seats, ballet, soccer, etc.....nah, DEFINITELY not our thing. We were perfectly content with our two girls and had no desire to "rush" anything.

(Our current mind set and what is TRULY on our hearts....)

We WILL have a big family. We WANT a big family. And we want to build that family through the gift of adoption.  I am not saying we will have 10 + kids...unless, of course, God intends. What we do know is that we will adopt as long as our God in heaven provides the financial means to do so. I hate that so much relies on money...I really do, but the fact of the matter is that money is big contributing factor. However, its just paper...its truly nothing in the eyes of God and we know that in HIS time he will provide.

We are often asked/told....

"You are both healthy. You could both EASILY have more biological children. Why don't you?"

My answer....

"Because now I know..."

I know how many children their are lying helpless in institutions, we know how many children age out of their orphanage and end up in the sex trade or in jail, we know that there IS an orphan crisis, and we know that NOTHING will be helped or made better if people don't step up and say, "I will"! So, for us, I just can't have more biological children knowing what I know....

This brings me back to God gifting us all with the perfect mind-set when and where it is needed. God gave us the desire to have biological children first...our beautiful daughters were meant to come first and they are the most precious gifts God has given us thus far.

But for now, God has called us to adopt...we know nothing....other than we are to go forward, keep an open heart, and to ALWAYS remain open to adopting another child.

But for now....this year....(as far as adoption) our focus is on Aiden and bringing him home where God intends him to be!! 

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

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