Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our dossier is in route....


Can I get a "praise the Lord"?....a "Hallelujah"?....

For the last YEAR; we have anticipated the moment we would finally mail 
off our dossier. Now, I love my husband beyond description but...I did ALL 
the paperwork by myself!! Granted, he cooperated when I would drag him around to get things notarized or to be poked on at the doctors office or to 
make the long drive down to our state capital. But as 
far as getting all the paperwork together and navigating the process 
(with the help of the RR team, of course!!)...that was me. 

I feel incredibly accomplished coming from the terrified woman I was a year ago...
I thought there was no way I could possibly take on such a task and make
 it to the end...let alone be successful!! 

Now, I am just praying that the Lord will grant me even more patience 
because it will likely be at least 8 weeks before we hear about
a travel date. The waiting is SO hard; but I take comfort in the fact
that I am not enduring it alone! 

Our boys don't have much longer to wait! And while I know they don't have any
idea how much they are loved or what is in store for them; I just 
pray that the Lord gives them peace and comfort about 
coming into our family. 

But in the mean time we are very impatiently waiting, faithfully trusting in the Lord,
and praying for divine blessings throughout the rest of this process.

Our perfectly apostilled dossier...isn't it lovely?! Please pray that it is approved 
without any problems and we receive a travel date as soon as possible!! 

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  1. Woohoo!!!! So happy for you, but especially for your boys!!!