Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Study Update

We have completed our first two home study interviews!!!

We have the actual home visit this Saturday; I am nervous but our social worker is amazing and has given us no reason to feel stressed or anxious in any way. We feel so blessed that God sent us such an amazing social worker...who genuinely cares.

I was a blubbering mess during the individual interviews; but he seemed to understand that I have a genuine nervous streak and minor social anxiety. Over all; it went very well!!

All of these steps just put us that much closer to being able to hold our little man...there is NOTHING we won't do for him!

Praying for peace of mind...


and over all well being!

I will update again after the home visit!! Our family has been amazingly supportive and Asa's parents are watching the girls for us tomorrow so that we can do a final sweep of the house...make sure everything is clean, orderly, fire extinguisher is in place, guns locked up, medication locked away etc....

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers! I am so thankful for you all...the amount of support we have recieved is overwhelming and I hope you all know what blessing you are to us!

With Love,

The Killens 

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