Friday, January 25, 2013

Hard Emotions

The closer we get....the harder it gets...

You would think it would be the opposite right? We have completed the home study (just waiting on paper work) step closer...and yet my heart seems to ache more....

It is a truly indescribable feeling knowing that you have a child that is across the globe...and you have no way to hold him, give him kisses, make sure he is eating properly, make sure he is happy, healthy, way to tell him how much he is loved and that he will soon have a family!!!

If I think too long and hard it is literally heart wrenching and I am resolved to tears in a matter of moments...

But on the other hand...I have peace.

I HAVE to have peace; because no amount of worry is going to change things. I could cry for our precious son every hour of the day (some days I do!) and it would not make a bit of difference...he is still there....he is still alone...and as hard as it is sometimes we are trying to stay totally focused on getting paperwork done, jumping through all necessary hoops, and praying we can travel soon!!

But something does make a difference...


Lots and LOTS of prayer.

God is molding me...changing me...making me a better person...a better HIM I am faithful and in HIM I will trust and obey.

Keep our family in your prayers!! You are all in ours!!!!




  1. I am such a fan of Aiden and pray for him nightly! Bless you for rescuing this little prince!!

    1. We appreciate it! We are just working hard to get him home!

  2. We are praying :) God sees, He knows. Aiden is not alone, not for one second has he ever been alone. We pray for Angels to come to him and minister to his little spirit as he waits. We pray for Jesus to be so close, whispering in his ear. :)