Sunday, December 2, 2012

How God?

God can move the mountains...

When we were first called to adopt we knew without a doubt that it was a direct calling from God. We just didn't expect it to come so soon; but we are THRILLED with Gods glorious surprises.

But as thrilled as we were/are...

We were also scared and hesitant...

So many questions ran through our minds. The main question being, "How?"

"How God? We don't make a ton of money and already have two little girls to raise..."

"How God? Our house is soooo small; surely we can't comfortably accommodate a third child."

"How God? There is no room in our car for a third child"

"How God?"

"How could this possibly work?.."

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." 

 But the answers were always there...right in front of us. God continuously tells us, "trust and obey". 

The amount of funds needed are staggering; but they are not greater than God. 

Our home is small; but full of love...and there is ALWAYS room to love another.

We don't make a vast abundance of money...but he will have EVERYTHING he needs and so much more!

God WILL make a way. He is greater than my husband or myself. He is greater than the government that might slow our process down. He is greater than the amount of money in our bank account. He is greater than EVERYTHING. 

NEVER put limitations on God...

We are learning this...and trusting in this with every passing day.

This is my family pre-adoption...VERY blessed. A loving and Godly husband...two precious girls who are our entire world...just missing one...

We will be turning in all of our home study paperwork within the next few weeks or so. I still have anxiety that we will (for whatever reason) not be approved. I go over the facts constantly...trying to assure myself that we will be okay. Asa (and prayers) have been my rock and I have a wonderful peace about it as a whole, our girls are happy and thriving....we are good WONDERFUL parents. It is one of the few areas in which I feel we deserve bragging rights; we are wonderful parents...and I know our girls would agree. Don't misunderstand ...we are by no means "perfect" parents; but we love our kids with every ounce of our being and are raising them according to Gods word. Please keep us in your prayers! You are all in ours! 

God Bless!

Katherine Killen

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