Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our precious baby girl ( our youngest, Piper) had her first birthday this last Saturday. I can hardly believe that so much time has elapsed that she is already one!! It really doesn't seem fair!

I was also plagued with a touch of guilt because we couldn't afford to throw her a HUGE blow out birthday party like we did for Zoe. I always thought I would be the type of mother that tried to make everything as equal and as fair as possible...what one child got the other would likewise receive. However, I have learned an important lesson over the last few weeks. You just CAN'T ALWAYS give equally...especially when money is concerned.

A few months ago we started the process of getting out of debt. The timing of it wasn't perfect (with it being right by Pipers birthday) but we had to strike while we had the money saved up for it. So MOST of our savings was recently wiped out due to paying off all our medical debt. BUT...there is NO PRICE that can be put on being debt free!!! Our credit score is going back up and we don't owe ANYONE ANYTHING! It's a truly amazing feeling. This is going to enable us to be able to move sooner as well!

Gods timing is perfect and Piper ended up having a wonderful birthday!!! She wasn't slighted in any way because she didn't have a massive party and in a way it was even more special to celebrate it with JUST family and some close friends.

And she is SO close to walking!!! She will hold onto my arm with one hand and walk fine; but she has yet to master walking independently. She is more than welcome to take her time though. I know every baby goes at a their own pace. Piper is such an amazing little girl and she amazes us everyday!! I cannot wait to see the glorious person that God is going to mold her into. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY our sweet angel!!!

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